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Who are we?

After nearly 20 years we have moved from Glastonbury, Avalon, Great Britain, to Enkhuizen, the Netherlands.

Sig Avalon in HollandSig Lonegren MA is the author of: Memoires of a Geomancer, Spiritual Dowsing, Labyrinths: Ancient Myths and Modern Uses and many articles in magazines. He guest-authored in among others the book of Dr. Emoto.

Sig is a geomancer, labyrinth worker, Tarot reader, spiritual councellor, has given workshops trainings on labyrinths, dowsing, geomancy and sacred geomatry.

Sig has founded The Western Geomancy School in the United States and in Great Britain.

Are you interested in studying with Sig on one of the above mentioned subjects? Write Sig for more information on individul tuition.





Karin Schlüter Dip.Hol.massage:Avalon Readings in Holland
is a psychic, gives readings, is a Spiritual Devotional Councelor, gives Spiritual Guidance and Help, has worked for years a spiritual healer (EnergeySoma Alignments, now only upon request). has been trained by Sig in Geomantic Space Clearing, and followed the Western Geomancy School with Sig and Dr. Patrick MacManaway, Training and Transformation Deep Awake Wisdom Teacher via Tim Freke, Glastonbury. In October 2016 Karin graduated as "Woman of the Ways" North-Western European Shamanism with Linda Wormhoudt, Amsterdam.



Bestuur Chalice Well, oprichting The Labyrinth Society, Spiritualist Ministers
Karin en Sig zijn sinds 1997 samen, hebben vijf kinderen en vijf kleinkinderen. Zij zijn beiden oud-bestuursleden van de Chalice Well and Gardens in Glastonbury en mede-oprichters van  The Labyrinth Society in de Verenigde Staten. Beiden geven workshops en trainingen in Nederland, Engeland en de Verenigde Staten. Beiden zijn Spiritualist Ministers/ Spiritual Devotional Counsellors of the Fellowships of the Spirit, LilyDale, Buffalo, New York.  Beiden maken deel uit van The Geomancy Group, een groep internationale geomanten die op gezette tijden bijeen komen in het Verenigd Koninkrijk om werk uit te wisselen, kennis op te doen en te genieten van een 'wee dram whiskey!'