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Healing Sick Houses

Avalon in HollandIf your house does not feel like it’s your own home
when you feel and see that people, animals (your pets for instance) and plants/trees are not thriving in your home and on your land or garden and

  • if you are not sleeping well
  • if you have muscle or joint pains
  • if you feel there are negative energies in the house that you can’t see,

it is time to have a geomancer check-out the energy of your place.

40 years of space and house clearing
Sig Lonegren has a Masters Degree in the study of Sacred Space – is a professional geomancer; Life Vice-President of the British Society of Dowsers; and Ordained Spiritualist Minister and Spiritual Counsellor, who has been working with sacred and secular space clearing or house healing for over 40 years. His understanding of the earth energies and of the human influence on house and land is vast.

Change the energy
If you sense troubled spots on or in your property, and you would like to change the energy of your living or working space, write Sig for information or a consultation.