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On Being Visible

When I lived in Glastonbury I was part of The Soul Club. We were three women who felt strongly Reflectionconnected with each other. We talked Life with a capital L when we would meet. Usually we felt telepathically when contact was needed, we maybe met once every six weeks but more frequently when life was exceptionally exciting.

On a summery Sunday afternoon we landed after initial talks at the subject: how do we see ourselves in the outside world and how do others perceive us? Are we really aware of the impact we make on our community, the world? What happens to our fellow human beings when we step into a space? Would the world change if we could see fully what influence, impact we have by our doings?

This is what I shared with my Soul friends: I have the feeling that I step into a room full of people quite timidly, certainly when I do not know many people. I like to duck towards one side of the space where the nibbles and the drinks are. I quickly take a glass of wine in my hand. Then I swiftly go to some acquaintances and try to be part of the conversation. It sounds quite desperate and to be honest, I do feel desperate.

I assume that most people behave this way if they step in to more or less unknown territory. Below you read the observation of my two fellow Soul Clubbers:

“They see a conscious, self aware human being entering a space. The energy is almost palpable, eyes follow her when she walks through the room. She is elegant and has a certain flair; this is a woman who know what she wants!”

I almost fell of my chair when I heard this! Our collective observations and how we truly felt (my observations of the others did not differ much from what they told me), made us aware that we have an ingrained way of thinking about ourselves.

Three women with an average age of 185 years, despite life’s rich experiences, often felt like shy adolescents.

This experience we had with each other on this summary Sunday afternoon, had an positive impact on ourselves. We, as Soul Club friends took the decision there and then to tread consciously into the world with these insights, to commune more consciously with people, animals, the earth, the visible and not visible –yet palpable – around us.

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