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The Practical Channel

Avalon in Holland




Karin July 2014Come into contact with the magic in your life with Karin’s  channeled readings: practical, to the point and down to earth.

A Practical Channeling with Karin provides clarity in situations and problems. A Practical Channeling can support you in making your choices, getting insights and help you on your way.

Karin has thirteen years of experience in Glastonbury|Avalon in giving readings for nearly thousand clients in search of the how and why of their lives. Karin is happy to continue her work in The Netherlands (and worldwide through Email Readings and Skype sesions) and to work with your own unique questions!

Write her a note if you would like to have more information or if you want to make an appointment for a Skype session or Email session.

These are some of the questions frequently asked:

  • How can I live my spiritual life with a partner who isn’t spiritual?
  • How can I be my spiritual, conscious self while doing my work in Corporate Business?
  • Am I a good enough human.
  • I’m in love with another very spiritual man/woman; I’m already in a commited relationship. What should I do?
  • I am spiritually aware but I keep judging myself and other people. Can I change?
  • How can I grow further in to the spiritual work I’m already doing

Karin uses her intuition and her rational thinking, the answers you‘re looking for are practical, grounded and creative. Karin tunes in to your energy, your body and your soul.

A Practical Channeling with Karin is inspiring, your situation may already be brighter during the reading. You make the choices in your life supported by suggestions, and you see clearly your journey in life on a path that’s wide and winding, exciting and abundant with opportunities.