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A healing, exclusive, transformative time…

Let me explain to you why I love working with distance readings and distance healing during a Transformative Healing Week: Distance Healing Distance healing is any form of healing energy sent (or transmitted) across time and space that is received and has a healing effect on the recipient. You do not have to be physically present to receive the energy healing. Distance healing takes place when communication between the energy-healer and recipient occurs through the universal energy field rather than by touch. It is done at a specific time set aside and agreed upon between the receiver and me. This type of healing is equally effective as an in person healing…
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These are the days of summer wine

Driving to the small city beach I listened to Jamie Cullum’s “These are the Days” on the car radio. My dog Snoof was excited to go out and I had a really good time listening to the song during the short trip. Normally I would walk the distance but a physical ailment withheld me from that activity. Although everything in nature told me that Summer is really over: icy wind, a ‘thin’ sun, leaves falling and threatening clouds packed together in the direction of the lake, the song however woke a zest for life in me. Jamie sings about the golden days of young love and when that love is…
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De ruimte is warm en kleurrijk, rode aardetinten zijn overal.  Ik spreek zittend in een cirkel tussen vele mensen. Ik praat over water. Over het belang van schoon, helder, gezond water natuurlijk, maar ook over de spirituele gezondheid en waarde van water. Ik spreek daar vanuit mijn ervaring als trustee van de Chalice Well. Als ik mezelf hoor praten zie ik mezelf buiten de cirkel staan. Ik roep woordenloos naar mezelf: “Praat over de waterwegen in Nederland, je rol in de Chalice Well is afgesloten”. Dan spreek ik over de waterwegen in Nederland vanuit mijn ervaring met die genezende bron in Glastonbury. De sfeer veranderd in de ruimte, het is…
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Het is een jaar geleden dat ik verhuisd ben van Glastonbury naar Enkhuizen. Na een ongelofelijke spannende tijd is ons Engelse huis pas drie maanden geleden verkocht. Het was een traumatisch jaar voor mij met een gelukkige afloop. Ondanks de goede uitkomst van het hele huizen-gedoe voelde ik me niet vrij. Ik vond het moeilijk om mijn wortels zich ècht te laten ontwikkelen in Nederlandse grond. Gek eigenlijk want na tien jaar geduld te hebben gehad en ondertussen heel veel werkervaring te hebben opgedaan in Glastonbury en genietend van de vele vriendschappen daar was het eindelijk zover, in juni 2015 zijn Sig en ik definitief verhuisd naar Nederland. Toen we…
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Zichtbaar Zijn

Hoe zie je jezelf? Het is facinerend om daarbij stil te staan. Toen ik in Glastonbury woonde maakte ik deel uit van The Soul Club. We waren met drie vrouwen. We voelden ons sterk verbonden met elkaar en bespraken Het Leven wanneer we samen kwamen. Meestal kwamen we met elkaar in contact als we allen onze telepatische vraag om contact gehoord hadden. We zagen elkaar misschien ééns in de zes weken en als het leven heel spannend was, wat vaker. Op een zomerse zondagmiddag kwamen we op het onderwerp: hoe zien we onszelf en hoe zien anderen ons? Weten we werkelijk wat voor een impact we maken met onze aanwezigheid in…
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“Pay attention to the great metallic blue butterfly”, the shaman said to me when I told him I was about to visit my sister in Suriname, South America, “when you are in the rainforest, follow its trail. They have a pathway they never leave, follow that one and you will be surprised where you’ll end up”. I never saw the butterfly, but lately – eight years after my journey  – I kept seeing them in my daily life: a great blue one in a magazine, on a pot with Greek yogurt, on Facebook on timelines of friends. I made a mental note. I had to pay attention to those butterflies.…
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Being Calm and Connected

Staring out of my kitchen window onto the water streaming by, I became calm, collected and relaxed. The wavelets were mesmerizing. Seeing the movement of the water made me feel whole and present. I think it is needed in this turbulent world of ours to have some moments of peace and calm. Personally I think it’s a cosmic joke that this crystaline (water) structure is so busy hingeing and un-hingeing itself… so I have the perception of flow. Have a look for yourself and see if you can be calm too, take a deep breath….    

The Tears

Going through old wine bottles in what we call our ‘attic’ (a room adjacent to our dining room, an over-sized pantry, really)  I found the bottle of wine my ex-father-in-law had made himself for the birth of his first grandchild, my son. In my first-ever garden I grew white grapes. August 1976 was an incredibly hot summer and the grapes were fine. We harvested them and the ‘brewing’ started. The end result was six bottles of wine that tasted like dry sherry. Not too bad. I kept the bottle he gave me and moved it to different houses and from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom in 1997. I had…
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Moving House: Mary’s sweet face

My Glastonbury house has beautiful light-surprises. I own a glass ‘Leerdam’ Mary figurine. I’ve placed her in the dining room pine cabinet, to safeguard her during the clearing of SunnyBank. Yesterday afternoon, the low sun close to setting, shone into Mary’s sweet face. I’ve known this face since my eighth year. She has travelled with me from house to house, from country to country. She was there when my three children were born. And now she returns to The Netherlands.