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Het is een jaar geleden dat ik verhuisd ben van Glastonbury naar Enkhuizen. Na een ongelofelijke spannende tijd is ons Engelse huis pas drie maanden geleden verkocht. Het was een traumatisch jaar voor mij met een gelukkige afloop. Ondanks de goede uitkomst van het hele huizen-gedoe voelde ik me niet vrij. Ik vond het moeilijk om mijn wortels zich ècht te laten ontwikkelen in Nederlandse grond. Gek eigenlijk want na tien jaar geduld te hebben gehad en ondertussen heel veel werkervaring te hebben opgedaan in Glastonbury en genietend van de vele vriendschappen daar was het eindelijk zover, in juni 2015 zijn Sig en ik definitief verhuisd naar Nederland. Toen we…
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“Pay attention to the great metallic blue butterfly”, the shaman said to me when I told him I was about to visit my sister in Suriname, South America, “when you are in the rainforest, follow its trail. They have a pathway they never leave, follow that one and you will be surprised where you’ll end up”. I never saw the butterfly, but lately – eight years after my journey  – I kept seeing them in my daily life: a great blue one in a magazine, on a pot with Greek yogurt, on Facebook on timelines of friends. I made a mental note. I had to pay attention to those butterflies.…
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{:nl}Battery Recharged and House Healing{:}{:en}Battery Recharged and House Healing{:}

{:nl} Sig and I went to Drenthe the other day. I needed to be in Sacred Space, in an ancient one, to recharge my batteries. I always ask if I may enter, and when I leave, I give a small gift. It’s kind to give back when something is willing to help you feel the energy of the structure and the underlying (earth) energies. I also like to do a spot of dowsing (pendelen) to keep my energetic sensitive flow going. I checked out where clear energy streams were leaving the structure – I checked their flow direction- and I found one energy stream going off centre running towards a…
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Stepping Stones

A bridge made out of ancient stepping stones reminds me of the help and support I have received of many people. Those are family and friends, perfect strangers saying the ‘right thing’, and books. One of those books that’s a stepping stone right now is “Tiny Beautiful Things“, by Cheryl Strayed. Cheryl was an Agony Aunt for some time and gives right out-of-the-heart-and-gut advice. They are wise life llessons for the ones reading it and I presume life changing words for the people who send her their issues. I recommend this book to anyone who needs to feel hope, loved and want to get on with life. All letters written…
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