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Avalon in HollandAvalon in HollandA Useful and Accurate Tool

The Tarot can offer insight into your life path and the direction it is heading in. Sig has been working with the Tarot for 45 years and has found it an extremely useful and accurate tool that can offer guidance for many different issues people have in their lives. Write Sig a message to make an appointment for a Tarot reading.

The Only reality is Now
Sig is not a fortune teller because he believes the only reality is the Now, and while trends can be seen, many things can happen to change the course of destiny.

Humour, joy, wisdom, compassion
While the average Tarot reading is between forty-five minutes to an hour, each reading lasts until it is over.  These in depth readings will throw light on limiting patterns and will help you to find the joy in life that you truly deserve. Sig works with humour, joy, wisdom and compassion.