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Karin: Avalon Readings

Sometimes you need help with feeling positive and thankful so that all your channels open up: to be well, to transform Avalon-Readings Englishand to enjoy life’s flowing whatever your circumstances.

Let me help you in finding yourself, to feel your own strength and to find your own way on your life’s path.

An Avalon Reading is inspiring and your situation can become clearer for you already during our time together. In the end you make your own choices in your life, you have been given suggestions and insights in order to courageously continue your life’s journey on known and unknown paths.

I look forward to work with your unique questions, to support you on your way.

If you feel an Avalon Reading would be god foor you at this time in your life, please email me for an appointment for a Skype or email reading.

I was around four years old when I experienced oneness consciously for the first time. In 2002 I had a onneness experience that lasted for nearly four days. I saw my cells, DNA, atoms and the building blocks of everything and everyone around me. For those days my world was brimming, vibrating, overflowing with energy I knew was love.

After this experience my life changed intensely, in the ensuing months my clairvoyance and clairsentience developed further. Since that time I have given over a 1000 readings in among others Avalon, Glastonbury where I lived for nearly 20 years, The Netherlands and the United States, as wel as spiritual healing sessions (EnergySoma Alignment, now only on request). I have helped my international clients to find their voice, their intuition and the way to their heart.



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