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Avalon aan ‘t IJsselmeer


Being with my granddaughters makes me become fearless, their well-being (they have wonderful parents by the way) is paramount… My kids in general make me fearless and my zest for life as an older woman makes me feel fearless. Also the well-being of us, people, makes me fearless. When I see unjustice being done in general makes me fearless. From a very young age I would jump into a quarrel between people, school ‘chums’ if I spotted one. Seperating the warring parties and strike up a conversation. Thank Heavens my work gives me full opportunity to celebrate my fearlessness, in helping people to understand their life situations, their struggles, their…
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{:nl}Tuesday Calm{:}

{:nl}It’s a calm day, the water flows, as ever, algae, some rubbish, life and what we do with it, is flowing by. The clouds reflected, people waking up… To see what Tuesday Calm is click here! Tuesday Calm.{:}

Being Calm and Connected

Staring out of my kitchen window onto the water streaming by, I became calm, collected and relaxed. The wavelets were mesmerizing. Seeing the movement of the water made me feel whole and present. I think it is needed in this turbulent world of ours to have some moments of peace and calm. Personally I think it’s a cosmic joke that this crystaline (water) structure is so busy hingeing and un-hingeing itself… so I have the perception of flow. Have a look for yourself and see if you can be calm too, take a deep breath….    

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