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A healing, exclusive, transformative time…

Let me explain to you why I love working with distance readings and distance healing during a Transformative Healing Week: Distance Healing Distance healing is any form of healing energy sent (or transmitted) across time and space that is received and has a healing effect on the recipient. You do not have to be physically present to receive the energy healing. Distance healing takes place when communication between the energy-healer and recipient occurs through the universal energy field rather than by touch. It is done at a specific time set aside and agreed upon between the receiver and me. This type of healing is equally effective as an in person healing…
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Zichtbaar Zijn

Hoe zie je jezelf? Het is facinerend om daarbij stil te staan. Toen ik in Glastonbury woonde maakte ik deel uit van The Soul Club. We waren met drie vrouwen. We voelden ons sterk verbonden met elkaar en bespraken Het Leven wanneer we samen kwamen. Meestal kwamen we met elkaar in contact als we allen onze telepatische vraag om contact gehoord hadden. We zagen elkaar misschien ééns in de zes weken en als het leven heel spannend was, wat vaker. Op een zomerse zondagmiddag kwamen we op het onderwerp: hoe zien we onszelf en hoe zien anderen ons? Weten we werkelijk wat voor een impact we maken met onze aanwezigheid in…
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Een Practical Channeling nu ook via Skype: IMG_1205 Video


I love those deep discussions about the Universe and Who Made It, What Is It Made Of and Where We Are Coming From, how we are who we are and what’s next. Who knows? It’s a big one, and I’m aware that some on this planet have a clear-cut answer to that. I don’t, and I love to imagine, fantasise and dream up why we are here, and why we do what we do: I like to see the Universe as a story. A great unfolding story where everything in it plays a part. Some of us are punctuation marks, I’m sure you know of some people – or animals…
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A Suitable Book

I parked my car in a part of a neighbouring town I did not know very well. I needed a walk; I had some relationship issues and I felt I had to to clear my head. The weekly market was held in the centre of town and that’s where I was heading for. A few days ago I’d read a rave review of the latest book by the Indian author, Vikram Seth. I was interested in all things Indian related to my spiritual interests. I thought reading a book about two families during the struggle for independence from Britain in the 1950’s written by a young Indian author could give…
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De Eerste Reading!

Sig gaf mij een Tarot Reading vanmiddag, op 1 januari 2016. Het is fijn om de mogelijkheden te zien die op mijn pad kunnen komen in dit nieuwe jaar: mooie ontwikkelingen in mijn reading werk, een pelgrimage, nieuwe inzichtingen en ik als Stier, stevig met mijn voeten in de aarde me bezighouden met ‘hemelse’ zaken, het ‘afsterven’ van een oud gedachtengoed en een *kabam* inzicht dat mijn spirituele denken zal doen schudden! En nog veel meer maar dat moet ik nog even op me in laten werken. Ik ben er klaar voor! Kom maar op 2016… Nice to meet you! Wil je ook een Tarot Reading met Sig? Schrijf hem…
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{:nl}Battery Recharged and House Healing{:}{:en}Battery Recharged and House Healing{:}

{:nl} Sig and I went to Drenthe the other day. I needed to be in Sacred Space, in an ancient one, to recharge my batteries. I always ask if I may enter, and when I leave, I give a small gift. It’s kind to give back when something is willing to help you feel the energy of the structure and the underlying (earth) energies. I also like to do a spot of dowsing (pendelen) to keep my energetic sensitive flow going. I checked out where clear energy streams were leaving the structure – I checked their flow direction- and I found one energy stream going off centre running towards a…
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