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Deep inside everybody remembers how it was to be born and to be held for the very first time. Loving arms of Mother, Father (related or not) holding you and seeing you in full-wonder. That memory lingers, that memory fades, that memory sinks deeply and settles in the sediment of your life.   But it is still there. It is still here.   Reach out and claim that love. Look back into the eyes of people you love, that pure ‘seeing you’ is there for you to loose yourself in. Hold hands. Be cradled. Cradle. Cherish. Love.   You are part of it, you are it. We all need arms…
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People have asked me the last few months: why have you lowered your fees for your healing work? I have given them my answer and I share that here with you now: I long believed the marketing idea that when you increase your fees you attract the clients who will pay you those fees willingly and scale you in a higher segment of worth, believability and abundance (I’m all for abundance btw, on my own terms). However, more and more I felt resistance against that. I started wondering: why do I have to change the Numbers of Worth, i.e. money, to make potential clients aware that I’m really worth it.…
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The first time I was fiercely jealous, I was in class room, I was maybe six years old and the cutest littlest girl of elementary school was picked up by my teacher and almost thrown into the air accompanied with something like: “it is so wonderful to see you today!”. I did not know that this feeling was jealousy, I learned that later. I only knew I felt this horrible feeling flooding my insides and it felt not good and strangely good at the same time. I sat at my tiny desk and felt and knew that I was not greeted that way by my teacher as well. And I…
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Naar Huis

Ze werd gevonden door haar zoon die in de ochtend voor zijn werkdag in Glastonbury nog even bij zijn moeder langs ging. Ze lag daar op de koude, oeroude grijze stenen vloer in de keuken. De ketel stoomde nog na op het fornuis, ze had water gekookt voor haar eerste kopje thee. Hij belde bij ons aan om te vertellen wat er was gebeurd. We liepen met hem naar het huis van zijn moeder, we stapten de keuken binnen en daar lag ze. We knielden neer en hielden haar even vast. Haar zoon haalde snel stoelkussens uit de andere kamer om voor haar een zacht bed te maken. De mannen…
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On Being Visible

We excersised visibility You may influence your world more than you think, just by the way you are. Sometimes you are just not aware of your own visibility… When I lived in Glastonbury I was part of The Soul Club. We were three women who felt strongly connected with each other. We talked Life with a capital L when we would meet. Usually we felt it telepathically when contact was needed, we met maybe once every six weeks but more frequently when life was exceptionally exciting. It so happened that one day we talked about being visible. On a summery Sunday afternoon we landed after initial talks at the subject:…
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Helping Out

Helping out is easier than you think, helping out in order to heal is a lovely way of being. This morning I wrote to a friend that I feel that there is a change happening in the world, our world. It feels to me – despite many hopeless situations for different groups of people – that there is a shift happening. A positive one. It feels, and I am consciously saying “it feels” and “I feel” because that is what it is, my feelings,  that there is a waking-up happening. Of course, it is Spring on our side of the Planet. Nature is waking up big time! There is much…
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Het is een jaar geleden dat ik verhuisd ben van Glastonbury naar Enkhuizen. Na een ongelofelijke spannende tijd is ons Engelse huis pas drie maanden geleden verkocht. Het was een traumatisch jaar voor mij met een gelukkige afloop. Ondanks de goede uitkomst van het hele huizen-gedoe voelde ik me niet vrij. Ik vond het moeilijk om mijn wortels zich ècht te laten ontwikkelen in Nederlandse grond. Gek eigenlijk want na tien jaar geduld te hebben gehad en ondertussen heel veel werkervaring te hebben opgedaan in Glastonbury en genietend van de vele vriendschappen daar was het eindelijk zover, in juni 2015 zijn Sig en ik definitief verhuisd naar Nederland. Toen we…
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May is the Month of Mary

I went on a women-only retreat in my home town of Glastonbury, together with a Dutch friend of mine. We walked from my home to Well House Lane at the base of the Tor. This retreat was organized by a native South-American shaman. I did not get to see him initially, we only met when we were well into the retreat. My friend and I neared the entrance to the place where the retreat was being held. Just after the White Spring, to the right, was a feeble rope-bridge, covering a deep ravine. My friend and I started to walk the bridge, it was scary because with every step we…
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{:nl}Battery Recharged and House Healing{:}{:en}Battery Recharged and House Healing{:}

{:nl} Sig and I went to Drenthe the other day. I needed to be in Sacred Space, in an ancient one, to recharge my batteries. I always ask if I may enter, and when I leave, I give a small gift. It’s kind to give back when something is willing to help you feel the energy of the structure and the underlying (earth) energies. I also like to do a spot of dowsing (pendelen) to keep my energetic sensitive flow going. I checked out where clear energy streams were leaving the structure – I checked their flow direction- and I found one energy stream going off centre running towards a…
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Stepping Stones

A bridge made out of ancient stepping stones reminds me of the help and support I have received of many people. Those are family and friends, perfect strangers saying the ‘right thing’, and books. One of those books that’s a stepping stone right now is “Tiny Beautiful Things“, by Cheryl Strayed. Cheryl was an Agony Aunt for some time and gives right out-of-the-heart-and-gut advice. They are wise life llessons for the ones reading it and I presume life changing words for the people who send her their issues. I recommend this book to anyone who needs to feel hope, loved and want to get on with life. All letters written…
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