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Earth is a Healing Garden

I love my dappled shaded garden. I become and feel deeply whole and healed  energysoma healing
when I tend to it, this little patch of Earth.

I can sit still in a garden chair for an eternity and observe, watch, enjoy, daydream
with all the life here that grows, crawls, flies, weaves.

I feel utterly safe in the arms of Mother Earth.

In my work I help clients to feel safe and whole inside. Healing follows.
That becomes visible on the outside.

We all have to find that still safety in ourselves so we can face the
outer world with the same dignity, consciousness and wholeness.

Being in nature helps, in garden, park or forest. Stare. Stare in the green
and the flowers, leaves. Stare into each others eyes. Lovers, old friends, new ones.

You become safe. That feeling of being truly seen, truly held is so important. From
human to human, from soul to soul.

Life needs to be embraced. We need to be embraced and held to flourish.
Let’s embrace, let’s heal.


Please, have a look at the new EnergySoma Healing page on the website.

EVENTS in The Netherlands:

Saturday 26 May I give a healing day at De Schaapshoeve in Langenboom, Brabant en the following Monday (May 28th) I give a healing afternoon in Enkhuizen.

The email for making your appointments is:

Here you can watch a short video of my garden:

Flowers on your path,




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