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Geomantic Space Clearing

Geomantic Space ClearingIs it time to have a geomancer check-out the energy (Geomantic Space Clearing) of your place when your house does not feel like it’s your own any more? (rented property also). Or when you feel and see that people, animals (your pets for instance) and plants/trees are not thriving in your home, your land or garden and:

  • you or your family are not sleeping well
  • you or your family have developed recent muscle, joint pains or other physical discomfort
  • you or your family sense an unsetteling presence or energy in the house

Change the energy
If you sense troubled spots on or in your property and you would like to change the energy of your living or working space, you can write to us for inquieries or for a consultation.

Most of our clients come to us for a consultation but we can work with your property at a distance as well. Distance from where we are to were you live doesn’t really make any difference. In some cases we travel to you if you live in close proximity to us or after discussion with you.

In all cases a Geomantic Space Clearing is a three month process. We keep in touch and check in regularly. We communicate through email or Geomantic Space Clearingphone. We need information from you too of course therefor we give or send you an extensive questionnaire. When you come to our house we fill this in together. During the process we also teach you how to maintain the energy of your house in a healthy way. It’s a simple and fun procedure.

40 years of space and house clearing
Sig is a professional geomancer who has been working with sacred and secular space clearing for over 40 years. His understanding of the earth energies and of the human influence on house and land is vast.

Karin has been studying with Sig since 2000 and now they work together as a team. Karin has been a psychic reader since 2002, and gives EnergySoma Alignments on request. If needed she can not only space-clear the buildings but gives an alignment for humans as well.

Geomantic Space Clearing
At our home or per email/phone or Skype €99 (incl 21% BTW)
At your place €99 (incl 21%BTW) and petrol costs


This page is written in English. Sig’s Dutch is getting better but making contact is easier in English for him. During the consultation we speak English (I, Karin am there too to help Sig with Dutch and to help our clients with English, if needed).


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