06 49 708 628

Sig’s Labyrinths


Avalon in Holland

Finger Labyrint Book a consult with Sig when you want to make your own labyrinth: where to lay it, where the goal could be, or the en-trance… or if you would like to have your labyrinth aligned with stellar constellations, or a planetary one, your birthday sunrise or your wedding day sunset.

Sig gives workshops in drawing, using and dowsing (pendelen) a labyrinth, you learn how to dance a labyrinth, and how to meditate in a labyrinth, how to walk a labyrinth without one being there on the ground, and much, much more.

Contact us, if you would like to have a private consultation with Sig. Be sure to drop in here regularly. Call: 0649 708 628 (0031649708628)

Sig speaks English and a little Dutch, Karin is always there to translate where needed.

Sig’s book: “Labyrinths: Ancient Myths and Modern Uses is for sale and if you are interested, give us a shout. ( €16,00 excl. mailing costs).

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