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Stepping Stones

IMG_2340A bridge made out of ancient stepping stones reminds me of the help and support I have received of many people. Those are family and friends, perfect strangers saying the ‘right thing’, and books.

One of those books that’s a stepping stone right now is Tiny Beautiful Things“, by Cheryl Strayed. Cheryl was an Agony Aunt for some time and gives right out-of-the-heart-and-gut advice. They are wise life llessons for the ones reading it and I presume life changing words for the people who send her their issues.

I recommend this book to anyone who needs to feel hope, loved and want to get on with life. All letters written to Cheryl are of genuine people like you and me. Every answer given by Cheryl is a rich one.

Last night I sobbed about one of her answers, so clear and crisp, so honest and real. Every now and then we need that reminder that life is about the choices we make, or not make and that it is important to deal with the concequences and get real about that too.

In the end… (and the beginning) it is all about Love. This book is a reminder of just that. Love.


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