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These are the days of summer wine

Driving to the small city beach I listened to Jamie Cullum’s “These are the Days” on the car radio. My dog Snoof was excited to go out and I had a really good time listening to the song during the short trip. Normally I would walk the distance but a physical ailment withheld me from that activity. Although everything in nature told me that Summer is really over: icy wind, a ‘thin’ sun, leaves falling and threatening clouds packed together in the direction of the lake, the song however woke a zest for life in me. Jamie sings about the golden days of young love and when that love is…
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Being Calm and Connected

Staring out of my kitchen window onto the water streaming by, I became calm, collected and relaxed. The wavelets were mesmerizing. Seeing the movement of the water made me feel whole and present. I think it is needed in this turbulent world of ours to have some moments of peace and calm. Personally I think it’s a cosmic joke that this crystaline (water) structure is so busy hingeing and un-hingeing itself… so I have the perception of flow. Have a look for yourself and see if you can be calm too, take a deep breath….    

The Tears

Going through old wine bottles in what we call our ‘attic’ (a room adjacent to our dining room, an over-sized pantry, really)  I found the bottle of wine my ex-father-in-law had made himself for the birth of his first grandchild, my son. In my first-ever garden I grew white grapes. August 1976 was an incredibly hot summer and the grapes were fine. We harvested them and the ‘brewing’ started. The end result was six bottles of wine that tasted like dry sherry. Not too bad. I kept the bottle he gave me and moved it to different houses and from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom in 1997. I had…
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Moving House: Mary’s sweet face

My Glastonbury house has beautiful light-surprises. I own a glass ‘Leerdam’ Mary figurine. I’ve placed her in the dining room pine cabinet, to safeguard her during the clearing of SunnyBank. Yesterday afternoon, the low sun close to setting, shone into Mary’s sweet face. I’ve known this face since my eighth year. She has travelled with me from house to house, from country to country. She was there when my three children were born. And now she returns to The Netherlands.  

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