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People have asked me the last few months: why have you lowered your fees for your healing work? I have given them my answer and I share that here with EnergySoma Healingyou now:

I long believed the marketing idea that when you increase your fees you attract the clients who will pay you those fees willingly and scale you in a higher segment of worth, believability and abundance (I’m all for abundance btw, on my own terms).

However, more and more I felt resistance against that. I started wondering: why do I have to change the Numbers of Worth, i.e. money, to make potential clients aware that I’m really worth it.

Will they experience more integrity? Will they think that their healing goes better, bigger, deeper by charging them more?

You know, I do believe in the integrity of my clients. I believe and know they are intelligent, sentient, sensitive beings who will come to my work when they feel it is right, without being drawn in by a higher fee.

I would like to see a change in the world, our old system is crumbling. I am aware that change is actually happening on many levels: there is environmental unrest, political unrest, the #metoo movement; we are changing. Now it is the time to see our own truths.

My own truth is that I know my worth and my worth is not dependent on numbers.

I hasten to add that I do not have any judgment about people who want and maintain a higher fee for their work. This topic is highly personal.

I follow many groups on Fb which support women in business; I learn a lot from them, they are inspiring, sizzling entrepeneurs. I love them. But I stay a master of my own fees! (As they, I am certain of that, would agree with).

I’m getting older, my experiences richer, my needs fewer. I love my work and want to dedicate the rest of my life to women (and some men, reality is that client ratio is women 98%, men 2%), feeling better in themselves, held, supported and healed.

Anyone is welcome for a beautiful fee I’m really happy with: €35 for a 45 minute deep-healing session:

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